Pros and Cons of Using Car Air Fresheners

Posted on February 16 2017

Pros and Cons of Using Car Air Fresheners

It is a commonly agreed upon fact that a car is the finest form of luxury in the world today. If you are also spending a lot of time in your car, you probably one of those who invests in a pleasant smelling car air freshener.  

Did you know that our state of mind is significantly influenced by the surrounding smell? A good fragrance puts us in a better mood. On the other hand, an unclean surrounding with unpleasant odor immediately puts you in a bad mood. Provided that, let is review some of the benefits of car air fresheners:



1. Good mood

Scents immediately put us in a good mood. By investing on a good car scent, the time you spend on driving makes you feel more comfortable. It is essential to remain light headed while you are driving. Car odors cause a headache, nausea and chronic discomfort. On the other hand, a nice aroma inside the car enhances your driving experience and allows you focus to remain intact.






2. Get rid of cigarette smell

If you are a smoker, then a car scent is your life saver. For people who smoke and eat inside the car, it becomes really difficult to drive long distances. You can open the window, but not really helps when the temperature if freezing outside. A nice air freshener proves to be extremely helpful for those who eat and smoke inside. It replaces the smell of cigarette with a nice aroma.





3. Different aroma

There is a wide range of fragrances available in the form of car fresheners. From scented oils to the herbal aroma, the options available are endless. You can pick the fragrance that suits your style the most. Some people prefer a light sweet scent, whereas some prefer strong and deep smells.






4. Convenient

It is a convenient way of keeping the environment of your car clean, especially when you don’t have time to stop and get your car serviced/cleaned. All you have to do is purchase a small hanging pocket of scent and hang it on the rear view mirror.










On the flip side, there are a few aspects that makes car fragrances dangerous and unhealthy. Let us review the disadvantages of placing an air freshener inside the car


1. Aerosol

The Aerosol is a chemical compound that damages the ozone layer. In school we studied that ozone layer is good, but that is as far as it protects you from the rays of sun. As human beings, we are not naturally exposed to this surface. Aerosol emitted in the air can be extremely detrimental to the health. It causes breathing problems like emphysema and asthma.




2. Dangerous around children

Car fresheners that come in the form of perfumed bottles are dangerous to be kept around pets and children. Accidental consumption of rubbing of these compounds on skin and eyes can cause sickness and allergies. If you have children, you must be careful about the placement of your air freshener.





3. Phthalates


The majority of the car air fresheners contain a lot of phthalates. This chemical compound is added to the air freshener as it aids in the dissolving and diffusion of the fragrances. You can find this chemical in nail polish, paint and makeup. However, the constant inhalation of this substances damages the lungs.  






4. Expensive

Another disadvantage of having a car fragrance is that they are expensive. Worse than that is they finish too quickly, which means that you have to invest on it again in a short period of time.





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